fbpx olive oil and vinegar store in Greensboro NC

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olive oil and vinegar store in Greensboro NC

olive oil and vinegar store in Greensboro NC

Greensboro Olive Traders is a very different kind of tasting room.  Most people are accustomed to wine tasting, but in our store, we offer olive oil tasting.  Here, you can taste all of our original olive oils, as well as our balsamic and non-balsamic vinegar products.  Traditionally, when you go wine tasting, you pour the wine into a little cup, and you swirl the wine in your mouth and spit it out.  Here, you won't spit!  When you do an olive oil tasting at the best olive oil and vinegar store in Greensboro, NC, it's like being in an Italian restaurant.

Olive oil tasting at Greensboro Olive Traders is quite the culinary experience!  When you factor in all of our olive oil and vinegar products, you have thousands of potential combinations.  For example, you can mix blood orange olive oil with balsamic vinegar for a delightful and healthful combination.  Contact Greensboro Olive Traders to learn more.

About the Products in Our Store

At Greensboro Olive Traders, we only accept what is known as ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil for our products.  This is the highest standard in the world!  Therefore, no matter where it is coming from, our customers know that they are getting the highest quality products possible from us!  

Greensboro Olive Traders follows the crush, which means that there are two times a year when our olives are crushed.  We switch every six months between the northern and southern hemispheres to ensure that we provide only the freshest products to our customers at all times.

Depending on what time of the year it is, all of our products either come from the northern hemisphere (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, California) or the southern hemisphere (Australia, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Uruguay).  This method allows us to have the freshest olive oil that there is on the planet all year long!  In addition to our ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils, we also have infused flavored olive oils.  This is when the olives are crushed, and the ingredients are seeped in the fresh olive oil, much like a tea.

The Best Olive Oil and Vinegar Store in Greensboro, NC

Indeed, Greensboro Olive Traders is the best olive oil and vinegar store in Greensboro, NC.  In addition to our large selection of ultra-premium olive oil products, we also have many balsamic vinegar products, non-balsamic vinegar products, and white vinegar products.  Because we offer our top-of-the-line olive oil and vinegar products at affordable prices, you can try all of the ones that you like.  There's a big difference between Walmart olive oil and our olive oil, and we invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

Our Secret

The secret to getting the best extra virgin olive oil is to make sure that your olive oil is of a single origin.  Greensboro Olive Traders makes all of our olive oil products from single-origin oil.  We can trace all of our products to their origin.  Please, check out our products and try them today.

olive oil and vinegar store in Greensboro NC
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