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Welcome to our marijuana dispensary in Jacksonville, FL, where the grass is not only greener, but it is also better. Some of our clients walk in to look for something to ease their pain or brighten up their days. However, we also have clients who are just curious about cannabis and ready to start their journey with recreational marijuana. Whatever your reason, our Jacksonville cannabis dispensary is happy you came in and honored to guide you so that you can figure out what works for you. We understand that cannabis is not a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, we offer a wide range of strains to fit the different tastes of our clients. As a leading cannabis dispensary in Jacksonville, Florida, we are obsessed with growing our clients’ best strains. We aim to ensure that what our clients get is as pure as Mother Nature herself.

Quality Cannabis Products

When you buy cannabis from our Jacksonville medical cannabis dispensary, rest assured you have the best products on the market. We welcome both medicinal and recreational users to find the best strains in our dispensary. Our budtenders are always happy to help you get started with cannabis use, and we hope to simplify the process.

The purchase process in our dispensary is extremely simple, especially once you become a member. You could sign up online, add the cannabis products you want to your cart, and check out. To ensure safe use, we require our clients to upload their IDs and verify their age before purchase. Customers can also visit our store to initiate a purchase with one of our representatives.

Things You May Want to Know

We accept cash, VISA, and debit cards. Alternatively, you could save time by paying online with secured cashless transactions. However, we do not accept expired checks, credit cards, or IDs. Our dispensary is a legally licensed 21 years and older adult use facility offering recreational and medicinal marijuana with valid government-issued IDs. In addition, we comply with all marijuana laws, including the daily adult-use marijuana purchase limit.

In addition, our representatives and clients are respectful of our neighbors and the community we serve.

Dispensary Policy

We accept valid government-issued IDs. However, medicinal users with valid doctors’ recommendations are only required to produce their Florida driver’s license or ID to buy our products. In addition, we accept a paper interim driver’s license accompanied by the physical expired ID.

All cannabis sales are final, excluding defective products such as vape cartridges and hardware. Defective hardware must be returned within 48 hours of purchase. However, we may accept some returns outside the 48-hour window in specific instances. Make sure you bring your receipt if returning defective hardware purchased from our store.

Our dispensary is one of the first stores to be approved adult-use sales. We have been selling cannabis to adults above the age of 21 for many years. We take client confidentiality seriously and aim to provide our customers with the best marijuana products in Jacksonville, FL.

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Jacksonville Dispensary


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Jacksonville FL 32257 US

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