Reusable K Cups for K-Select

There are many different styles of reusable K Cups for K-Select coffeemakers- but there’s only one DéliBrü. Our unique K Cup and adapter make it possible for all Keurig and alternate brewer brands to brew your favorite coffee blend at home, so you can save money without having to give up taste, boldness, or richness. The perfect cup of coffee is not far away; DéliBrü makes premium brewing easy and affordable.

Are Reusable K Cups Safe For My Keurig?

One of the biggest concerns from our customers at DéliBrü is regarding the safety of using another reusable K Cup that was not explicitly made for their Keurig coffee maker. Our Reusable K Cups for K-Select are made with Keurig models in mind, so they work seamlessly with your Keurig or similar brand brewer. Remove your coffee maker’s reusable K Cup adapter and replace with the included DéliBrü adapter, then just drop in our reusable cup, add your favorite coffee blend, and brew as usual.

For a better cup of home-brewed coffee, try our disposable paper filters designed to create premium, quality brewed coffee every time. Our paper filters cost just a few cents each and save you money on coffee due to the slight resistance of the paper insert- you’ll use less coffee for a richer, more robust flavor.

How Much Money Can I Save With a Reusable K Cup?

If you occasionally go out for coffee, you’ll save as much as $3-4 per cup using DéliBrü. If you prefer home-brewing and typically buy pre-filled K Cup pods, you’ll save an average of 50 cents per cup on premium coffee or decaf coffee. Saving money is not the only benefit of using DéliBrü reusable K Cups for K-Select cups; superior taste is also an advantage you’ll soon come to appreciate.

Your Favorite Hot Beverages

If you’ve used reusable K Cups in the past and found the quality of your hot beverages was lacking, you may have been using a K Cup with a mesh that didn’t strain out fine grounds and spices. Our mesh is exceptionally fine, allowing only flavor and richness flow through. Brew loose leaf tea, bagged tea, your preferred house coffee, cocoa, mulled spices, and other hot beverages using our K-Select cup. We think you’ll agree there’s not a better product of its kind on the market today.

What Others Are Saying

DéliBrü 5-star reviews are 2,000 and growing; read reviews and testimonials on our website and across the web by typing DéliBrü into your preferred review site. If you’re like a lot of coffee drinkers who invested in a Keurig coffee maker or similar product and feel compelled to purchase expensive K Cup pre-filled pods, you’ll enjoy significant savings, and freedom, every time you brew a cup of coffee using our reusable K Cups. Say goodbye to bottom-of-the-cup sludge, overpriced pods, and hard-to-clean filters and try our DéliBrü products for a better cup of coffee.