Wine Tank

Does it really matter what your wine tank is made of? Some oenophiles will tell you that it does. We are pleased to offer a nice range of wine tanks, fermentation tanks and all sorts of lovely winemaking equipment and supplies. We’re in northern California, but we can ship to practically anywhere.

Flextank hails from Australia where the company of the same name is based and it is one of the most renowned and recommended wine tank manufacturers in the world. The wine tank by this company is characterized by oxygen-permeable properties and an attractive, space-saving design, which have helped many wine producing businesses thrive. Flextank specifically designed its products to be used by wine makers, keeping floor space in mind. Furthermore, the controlled oxygen-permeable feature of the wine tank is valued during the fermentation process.

Flextank wine tanks are suitable for small to medium-sized wineries because of their versatile racking systems. Instead of buying large and tall tanks, you can purchase smaller and compact ones and stack them up on one another. They take up less floor space and you can utilize the remaining space for other equipment and business operation.

These tanks are highly-sealable, too, so they are more efficient than standard variable capacity tanks that have top seals, which are prone to leaking and air exposure, so the wine gets contaminated and degraded by the air. While you can adjust the temperatures in a Flextank wine tank, it doesn’t put the wine quality at risk.

Tanks For Wine is a good place to buy Flextank wine tanks. We offer competitively-priced products for wine production, including storage and transport options. Tanks For Wine also has stainless steel wine tanks for sale, if that’s what you require. Our industrial-grade vessels enable you to reduce time and costs spent in wine production. Feel free to look at our pages to find out more about our products, or call us directly at 916-730-5485 for more information or if you are ready to order.


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