K Cup ReusableYou’re using a K cup reusable filter and settling for a less-than-perfect cup of coffee in the morning- but there’s a better way to brew your own coffee in a Keurig or K Cup coffee maker. DéliBrü has designed a disposable paper filter that will fit your reusable cup to filter out finely ground sludge and allow all the coffee flavor to come through.

Cocktail Shaker


You’ll find the perfect cocktail shaker for home or professional use when shopping online at Fifth & Vermouth. Select Stainless Steel or choose from a variety of finishes, including gold, copper, or gun metal black. Be prepared when a guest asks for their drink shaken, not stirred- view our entire inventory online.

Best Emergency Food Supply


A good emergency food supply is essential to have in case of a disaster. Food is often the hardest to find during a crisis and most of the items in a refrigerator are perishable. Luckily, there are companies that manufacture kits with all the essential ingredients that are needed in a disaster. But, they are not cheap! Tokenbyte.net

Tuna Fish Brands


Safe Catch

85 Liberty Ship Way
Sausalito CA 94965 US

What tuna fish brands do you trust to feed your familiy? If the tuna you’re serving to your family is not from SafeCatch, it probably contains unsafe mercury levels and was caught using unsustainable fishing practices. SafeCatch is proud to use pole & line fishing and the strictest mercury testing process of any tuna brand. Safe Catch

Sweets For Corporate Events Houston


Lunaria Fine Chocolates & Sweets

12114 Westheimer Road
Houston TX 77077 US
+1 832-931-2300

Are you looking for a unique and sweeter way to show your clients, employees, or colleagues how much you appreciate them? Ditch the boring ol’ mug and give them something they’ll really enjoy. Lunaria, Houston’s most beloved sweet shop, is the answer! We specialize in providing delicious sweets for corporate events in Houston. Lunaria Fine Chocolates & Sweets