Our Keurig Mini coffee filter from DéliBrü replaces your lost or worn-out Keurig reusable coffee filter. Take out the adapter and replace it with the adapter included with the DéliBrü reusable filter for an exact fit for brewing your own blend of coffee in your home. Replacement Keurig mini filters are expensive when purchased directly from the company, but DéliBrü filters for K-Mini, K-Select, and K-Mini Plus are just $9.49. Our filters save you money on replacement costs and continue saving you money over the cost of pre-filled K Cup pods.

Will DéliBrü Reusable Filters Work With My Keurig?

Our K Cup filters are an exact match with your Keurig or alternate style K Cup coffee brewer, so you won’t have to worry about it not fitting correctly or having to send it back to us for any reason. Our filter may work with your existing Keurig adapter, but we’ve included our own adapter in the box in case there are any issues. It’s so easy to replace your filter without measuring or checking corresponding serial numbers when placing an order online- ours fits every time.

Should I Use a Paper Filter With My K Cup?

We think paper cups make a big difference in the richness and flavor of K Cup coffee, which is why we have designed our own brand of DéliBrü disposable paper filters- and they’re just 5 cents each when you order the 300-count package. You’ll use less coffee, too, when using a paper filter, so you’ll end up saving more money on every cup of delicious brewed coffee. Paper cup filters work great when brewing hot cocoa with ground cinnamon, loose-leaf tea, and other hot beverages, like coffee alternatives.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time

We’re often asked by customers how to get the perfect tasting cup of coffee in the morning. We recommend making an experimental cup of coffee after you receive your DéliBrü replacement Keurig Mini Coffee Filter in the mail. Try one rounded tablespoon of your preferred coffee blend to a cup of cold, filtered water. Take a few minutes out of your day to sip your first cup of coffee and reflect on whether it’s the right boldness, then adjust as desired. If you prefer a richer cup of joe, add another teaspoon of coffee grounds to the K Cup. Even experimental coffee can be delicious, and by experimenting, you’ll soon find the ideal amount of grounds to add to your K Cup.

Cost Savings and Great Taste

DéliBrü is renown for making premium products for use in Keurig and other K Cup brewers. Our affordable Keurig Mini Coffee Filters offer an affordable way to replace expensive take-out coffee or continue brewing your own blend at home after losing or breaking your coffee maker’s K Cup filter. At DéliBrü, we know you have many options when shopping for a Mini K Cup replacement; we think our product is the best one on the market for coffee drinkers with discerning taste.

Keurig Mini Coffee Filter