Using DéliBrü Keurig Mini & Plus reusable filters, you can easily brew your own coffee without the high cost of purchasing K Cup pods. Our design is the only one on the market that universally fits all Keurig brewers, so you won’t have to worry beforehand whether you’ll be able to use our filter with your coffee maker. Our newly released K Mini and K Mini Plus filters are exceptionally popular with coffee drinkers who want to save money by brewing their favorite coffee blend rather than continually buying pod coffee.

What Makes DéliBrü Filters Unique?

DéliBrü filters come with an adapter that ensures a great fit for your K Mini Select or K Mini Plus brewer- and it couldn’t be any easier to use. Remove your coffee maker’s existing adapter, drop in the DéliBrü adapter, and insert your reusable K Cup, drop in a DéliBrü paper filter and add any ground coffee blend to brew a delicious cup of coffee any time. If you prefer, brew regular pre-filled K Cups using our adapter. You’ll see significant savings using our products and you’ll enjoy coffee store quality coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, and other brewed beverages at a small fraction of the cost of take-out drinks.

How Long Do DéliBrü Mini & Plus Reusable Filters Last?

DéliBrü filters are manufactured with quality materials, so you can expect your DéliBrü filter to last as long as your Keurig coffee maker. We’ve designed our products to provide lasting value without the need to replace them frequently. See what other DéliBrü customers say about all of our products when you check out our website’s ‘Reviews’ section or simply type our name into your preferred directory online. We boast 2,000 5-star reviews and going strong!

Small Investment, Big Savings

If you’re tired of paying a dollar for a pre-filled K Cup with a tablespoon of coffee inside of it, you’re going to love the freedom that comes from brewing your own coffee at home with DéliBrü. Even if you’ve grown used to the taste of expensive coffee, you’ll still pay just a few cents per cup when you use our Keurig Mini & Plus Reusable Filters- and when we say a few cents, we’re talking about brewing the perfect cup of coffee for less than a dime a cup. Purchase our K Cup paper filter inserts to save even more on coffee, since the slight resistance during brewing requires less coffee to deliver a bolder taste.

Rich, Delicious Home-Brewed Coffee, At Last

Whether you’re fed up with the high costs of pre-filled K Cups, are tired of paying $5 for take-out coffee in town, or are just looking for a more affordable way to enjoy your own home-brew, you’ll find DéliBrü offers real value at a very low cost. Check out all of our products for your Keurig coffee maker or alternate brand coffee brewer and see why so many coffee and tea drinkers choose us for savings.

Keurig Mini Plus Reusable Filters