Have you recently purchased a reusable K Cup for your coffee maker and found the results less-than-satisfying? You may not think that a thin, disposable paper cup for reusable K Cups could make such a huge difference in the results, but the fact is you’ll enjoy the perfect cup of coffee every time using DéliBrü filters. For just 5 cents each, our paper filters keep even the finest grounds of your favorite coffee from reaching your cup, so you can brew your own coffee and save money at home without purchasing expensive pre-filled K Cups.

Is There Something Wrong With My Reusable K Cup?

Does your reusable Keurig cup make coffee with a muddy sludge at the bottom of the cup? Most manufacturers conveniently forget to tell their customers they’ll have to buy paper filters to fit inside of the cup. DéliBrü makes disposable K Cup filters that are eco-friendly, very affordable to use, and will prevent fine grounds from making their way to your cup of coffee. Just insert them before brewing and toss them out after use. Our customers love that our filters eliminate coffee grounds in their sink and sink drain. There’s nothing wrong with your reusable K Cup; you just need a good filter.

Can I Use My Own Coffee in a Keurig Coffee Maker?

Many coffee drinkers have a preferred brand or blend that they want to brew in their Keurig coffee maker and are unsure about whether that’s possible. Using our paper cups for reusable K Cups, you can just add your favorite coffee and brew as if it were a pre-filled K Cup. Rather than spending upwards of a dollar per cup, you’ll spend just 10-25 cents per cup using our filters, depending on the cost of your coffee. If you don’t own a reusable K Cup, consider purchasing one from our inventory at DéliBrü.

Affordable DéliBrü Paper Cups for Reusable K Cups

When Keurig coffee makers first came out, there was excitement about the ability to brew a single cup of coffee, and coffee drinkers didn’t think too much about spending a dollar for a K Cup, since it saved them money over going out for a cup of coffee. It didn’t take long, though, before coffee drinkers started looking for a way to use their own brand of coffee in disposable K Cups- the results were messy and time-consuming.

As reusable K Cups began to flood the market, consumers had high hopes of cost savings by filling their own K Cups with gourmet coffee; unfortunately, there is still one key missing factor. Without paper cups for reusable K Cups, fine grounds get through the wire mesh and leave a gritty, muddy taste in your mouth.


Drop a DéliBrü paper filter into your K Cup and brew your own coffee in a reusable K Cup- nothing gets through but the bold taste of the coffee. Don’t throw out your reusable K Cup- it costs just a few cents to use DéliBrü paper filters each time you brew.

Paper Cups for Reusable K Cups