If you’re like a lot of other coffee drinkers, you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee at a great price. Brewing your own coffee at home can mean significant savings, but at what cost are you saving money? Do you ignore the sludge at the bottom of your cup left behind from a reusable K Cup? DéliBrü has created eco-friendly paper filters for reusable K Cups that cost just pennies each day and prevent fine grounds from getting through your K Cup mesh. Results are consistent- flavorful, premium coffee brewed at home without the high cost.

How Can I Use My Keurig Without Pre-Filled Pods?

You may have read in your Keurig user’s manual that your coffee maker could only be used with pre-filled coffee pods or K-Cups. While that’s fine when pods are on sale of when guests are over, there are times when you just want to enjoy a scoop of an old favorite blend. If you’ve tried reusing pods or purchasing a reusable filter for your Keurig, you’ve probably tasted the less-than-satisfying results. What’s missing from the equation? The thin paper filter that prevents coffee grounds from getting into your coffee.

Aren’t Paper Filters for Reusable K Cups Expensive?

They can be, if you buy them in the department store next to the Keurig coffee makers- but paper filters can be affordable, as well, when you buy them directly from DéliBrü. Our 300-count paper filter pack is priced at just $14.99, just 5 cents per cup, so you can still save money without sacrificing the quality of your home-brewed joe. Our filters are unique in that they fit all coffee maker brands, so whether you own a Keurig model or another brand, you won’t have to worry about filters being difficult to fit inside of the reusable K Cup.

Big Savings- More Flavor

Another reason your reusable K Cup doesn’t deliver on taste is that your K Cup coffee maker was designed to brew correctly while taking into account the slight resistance of a pre-filled pod filter. Brewing with a reusable K Cup without a filter typically means a weaker cup of coffee, since water flows through the K Cup faster and doesn’t have a chance to collect flavor as it’s passing through. DéliBrü paper filters for reusable K Cups provide that resistance necessary for the bold coffee you love- and you’ll use less coffee to get perfect results.

Why Choose DéliBrü?

Some coffee shops charge upwards of $5 for a cup of coffee that can’t compare with the taste of your home brew. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted- DéliBrü makes it possible with reusable K Cups and paper filters for reusable K Cups- and your favorite coffee blend. Even if you buy expensive gourmet coffee, you’ll still pay a fraction of the cost of take-out coffee using your own Keurig coffee maker- or whichever brand you own.

Paper Filters for Reusable K Cups