Westlake Restaurants on the lake

Westlake Restaurants on the lake

If you are passionate about tasting the food of the world, then I assure you that Italian gastronomy cannot be missing in your gastronomic tour. If you’re looking for fine dining near Westlake Village, the best option you will find is Boccaccio’s, because it is one of the best you will find in the whole city and with one of the best sibling views you can find.

However, if we still haven’t convinced you to go to this Italian restaurant, today we are going to give you the reasons you need, so that you don’t keep thinking about it. I assure you that if you keep reading you will not regret it.

Enjoy a meal in front of the Westlake Lake

Nature and gastronomy complement each other. Eating outdoors is a highly recommended experience. The lake breeze is the perfect complement to enjoy the Italian cuisine that Boccaccio’s offers. Moreover, this view makes it one of the most romantic restaurants in Westlake Village CA.

A family friendly space

On the other hand, when you enter the place you will realize that it is an ideal space to share with family and friends. The lake stimulates a sense of freedom and well being to all who visit it, making it an ideal place for meals in the company of family and friends to be special.

In addition, in a location like this you will be able to take perfect pictures for your social networks. In our social media profiles you will find how the lake turns your gastronomic photos into unforgettable moments.

It’s healthy

Italian food is considered the healthiest in the world and if you mix it with a calm, natural environment, free from the usual noise of big cities, you can relax your mind and be focused on the present, making you part of the atmosphere and all that Boccaccio’s has to offer.

Perfect for job

Likewise, if you are part of the business world and you’re trying to find dining restaurants in Westlake Village for business meetings, Boccaccio’s will make that business meeting take a special turn. No doubt, a business lunch by the lake will make it much more productive. The water and its breeze, with its relaxing effect, will make a business lunch more and better agreements.

Entertainment and recreation

Enjoy boat rides. Both before and after a meal in front of the lake, boat or yacht rides are a classic both to whet your appetite and for a good digestion. Near our restaurant you can find boat ride services.


The most extensive menu of Italian restaurants

Our menu features a wide mix of dishes that will always give you a unique culinary experience when you are located in our lake view area. There you can enjoy red and white meats, desserts, wines, pastas and multiple sauces to have a unique culinary experience in every bite.

In short, enjoy a meal in front of the lake in one of the greatest assets of our restaurant and what makes us one of the best restaurants in Westlake Village.

How to contact Boccaccio’s?

When it comes to Westlake Village restaurants there are many choices, but Boccaccio’s is out of the ordinary. With us, you will live an unforgettable experience.

You can contact us through our customer service by logging on to our web site or by sending an email to [email protected]

Westlake Restaurants on the lake


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